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Get Qualified with the specially designed training for Azure DevOps Certification from us.

Sipnatech offers Azure DevOps Certification training for software developers, server teams, and managers. Extensive Training covers more than 30 hours of exposure to DevOps learning, case studies, and experiments to ensure that you are an expert in Azure DevOps.

Azure DevOps is an integral part of many organizations in software development in cloud computing since its commercial launch in 2010. It is the combination of development and operation strategy adopting the culture, practices, and tools in software development processes. Previously known as Visual Studio Team Services, Azure Cloud Services continue to evolve. Microsoft introduced this cloud computing service as Windows Azure in 2008 and was rebranded as Microsoft Azure in 2014. Azure DevOps facilitates software developments offering features for application diagnostics, tool integrations and test labs for experiments. Azure DevOps has several benefits as below:

  • Azure DevOps offer high performance
  • Azure DevOps offer to build better products faster
  • Azure DevOps offer greater customer satisfaction
  • Azure DevOps offer improved collaboration and productivity
  • Azure DevOps offer to achieve business goals as an integral product
  • Azure DevOps offer accelerating time to market
  • Azure DevOps offer to adapt to the market and competition
  • Azure DevOps offer Maintaining system stability and reliability
  • Azure DevOps offer to improve the mean time to recovery

Azure DevOps life cycle has 4 phases which are plan, develop, deliver and operate. Each phase is interrelated with others and DevOps culture roles are involved in each phase.

Understanding 4 phases of Azure DevOps

  • Plan – ideate, define and describe features and capabilities of the application and system to build. Track progress from lower levels to higher levels using Kanban boards and visualise the progress on dashboards with agility and visibility.
  • Develop – Includes coding, writing, testing, reviewing, and integration by all team members. Ensuring Quality, Stability, and productivity.
  • Deliver – Deploy the applications in a production environment consistently and reliably. Define a release management process with manual approvals, Set automated gates to move the application between different stages until its release to end users – customers. Automate these processes in a scalable, repeatable, controlled manner. This process improves efficiency and confidence.
  • Operate – Maintain, Monitor, and troubleshoot applications in the production environment ensuring reliability, high availability, zero downtime, security, and governance.

Azure DevOps practice of automating and optimizing processes includes organizational culture and people as below:

  • Collaboration, visibility, and alignment
  • The Shift in scope and accountability
  • Shorter release cycles
  • Continuous learning

DevOps Practices

  • Continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD)
  • Version Control
  • Agile Software Development
  • Infrastructure as code
  • Configuration management
  • Continuous Monitoring

We, at Sipnatech have considered the industry requirement & designed the training course to ensure that you have the practical exposure required to learn and attend the interviews with confidence. The case studies will strengthen the learning experience to perform better with real challenges in DevOps, so you can face real projects & address the challenges which are faced while working on Azure DevOps.

Learning the leading cloud computing principles at Sipnatech will assure that you learn and understand the Dos & Dont in Azure DevOps. The data sets determined in training assures that you learn each option complete with a lot of industry unites. You can confidently apply for DevOps jobs openings. Mock interview questions & the final project will help you establish yourself as an expert in Azure DevOps.

Join our leading training and certification courses to remain in the competitive market of computing.

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