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Get Qualified and Certified with the specially designed training for Salesforce CRM applications from us.

We, at Sipnatech offer Salesforce certifying training courses for software developers, server teams, and managers. Our Training covers more than 30 hours of exposure to Salesforce Software learning, case studies, and experiments to ensure that you are an expert in Salesforce.

Salesforce Company make software application with cloud-based CRM – customer relationship management software solution for sales, enterprise applications for marketing, automation, service, analytics, collaboration, application development, and building custom mobile applications.

The Salesforce helps to make use of customer data to build a CRM platform. With the increased and ever-growing customer data generation, the Salesforce CRM platform is required by many organizations and businesses. Many startups and Fortune 500 companies use Salesforce as their CRM platform.

Salesforce connects the marketing products and sales team with automated messages and insights. When there is a customer lead from marketing products, the Sales team is informed with an automated message.

Salesforce helps to share the complete customer information and requirement to all team members with a prompt to attend and close the customer deal quickly. With quick and prompt customer information, Salesforce Team members deliver the service to the customer with reliable and better service to customers.

The customer data analytics and Tableau analytics is automated to notice significant, atypical trend and new service request. The Salesforce CRM applications with Easy-to-use dashboards make it simple for team members to understand the data better, learn and take action instantly.

The latest Salesforce Customer 360 unites team members with a single view of customer information. The team members get the same details and customer information with updates. Below are a few benefits of using Salesforce.

  • Salesforce offers customer information management to build CRM
  • Salesforce offers better account planning and management
  • Salesforce improves efficiency and confidence with better time management
  • Salesforce brings different teams together for better collaboration
  • Salesforce cloud management is easily accessible from all team members
  • Salesforce CRM enables organizations to track and manage customer relationship
  • Salesforce enables automated communication helping teams with prompt action
  • Salesforce data analytics help to analyze customer requirements easily
  • Salesforce provides actionable data dashboards
  • Salesforce helps to improve customer satisfaction
  • Salesforce helps to improve organizational business goals

We, at Sipnatech, have considered the industry requirement & designed the course lessons to ensure that you have the practical exposure required to learn and attend the interviews confidently. Our case studies will strengthen the learning experience to perform better with real challenges in Salesforce, so you can face real projects & address the challenges which are faced while working on Salesforce.

Learning Salesforce includes Apex Programming and Trailhead. Trailhead from Salesforce provides software developers, users, and admins with guided learning through the key features of Salesforce, with interactive tutorials.

Learning the leading cloud computing principles will assure that you learn and understand the Dos & Don’t in Salesforce. The lessons covered in our training assure that you learn with practical experiments. You can confidently apply for Salesforce job openings. Our Mock interview questions & the final tests from us will help you establish yourself as an expert in Salesforce.

Join the leading training and certification courses from Sipnatech to remain in the competitive market of Software development and computing.

You can fill out the online application or contact us for more information.

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