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Get Qualified and Certified with the specially designed training for Selenium Automation Testing from us.

We at, Sipnatech offer Selenium Testing certifying training courses for software developers, server teams, and managers. Our Training covers more than 30 hours of exposure to Selenium Software learning, case studies, and experiments to ensure that you are an expert in Selenium Testing.

Selenium is an open-source software application for browser automation. Selenium provides tools for functional tests on web browsers using the Computer Programming languages like Python, Java, C++, Javascript, and Ruby. It is a web framework that allows execution of cross-browser testing. It is used for automating web-based application testing to check and verify if it performs as expected. In Selenium you can choose a programming language to create test scripts for automation.

Of all other web testing tools, Selenium is one of the best open source automation testing. The demand for Selenium Web Testing is growing and has an exponential future.

Selenium has several tools and components namely Selenium IDE, Selenium RC, Selenium Grid, Selenium client API, and Selenium WebDriver.

Selenium IDE is implemented as a Firefox add-on and Chrome Extension.

Selenium Client API provides alternative programming languages for writing tests example Java, Python, Javascript, C++, and Ruby.

Selenium RC (Remote Control) provides the server with commands for the browser through HTTP. For writing tests Selenium supports client drivers for PHP, Python, Ruby, .NET, Perl, and Java. Selenium RC can be used for HTML test.

Selenium Webdriver is the latest tool available for web Testing.

Some benefits of learning Selenium testing are listed below

  • Selenium Automation Testing is an open source application for web testing
  • Selenium Automation Testing supports all major operating systems
  • Selenium Automation Testing supports all major web browsers
  • Selenium Automation Testing supports all major devices
  • Selenium Automation Testing offers constant updates
  • Selenium Automation Testing is easier for implementation
  • Selenium Automation Testing is reusable and supports Add-ons
  • Selenium Automation Testing supports major programming languages
  • Selenium Automation Testing supports major frameworks
  • Selenium Automation Testing is compatible with various testing tools
  • Selenium Automation Testing is realistic browser interaction
  • Selenium Automation Testing is a single interface to write test scripts in programming languages

We, at Sipnatech, have considered the industry requirement & designed the course lessons to ensure that you have the practical exposure required to learn and attend the interviews confidently. The case studies will strengthen the learning experience to perform better with real challenges in Selenium, so you can face real projects & address the challenges which are faced while working on Selenium Testing.

Learning the leading cloud computing principles will assure that you learn and understand the Dos & Don’t in Selenium Automation Testing. The lessons covered in our training assure that you learn with practical experiments. You can confidently apply for Selenium Testing job openings. Our Mock interview questions & the final tests will help you establish yourself as an expert in Selenium Testing.

Join the leading training and certification courses to remain in the competitive market of Software development and computing.

You can fill out the online application or contact us for more information.

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